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Is this a last-ditch attempt by Zynga to charge me some money?

By on July 21, 2011

I logged in to Cityville on Sunday doing some research for a new book idea I’m working on. (More about that soon).

I haven’t played for months, and as I cleared withered crops and collected some ancient rents, this in-your-face sales screen popped up.


I noted:

  • A big discount (30%) off
  • That the amounts being asked for are big ($14, $35 or $70)
  • That the imagery implies I’ve won some sort of lottery (reporter, TV camera, "you won…")
  • That a countdown timer is ticking, giving me a sense of urgency

Has anyone else had one of these? If you go back to Cityville, do you get one?

I’m thinking that this is Zynga’s last ditch attempt to get me to spend money in Cityville before it writes me off as a lost cause. What do you think?

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