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What LA Noire will do for Take Two

By on May 17, 2011

I was interviewed for the Guardian’s piece on LA Noire. Originally, it was going to run as a news piece, so they wanted comments from industry types on its importance.

I didn’t comment on the game’s cultural significance (I haven’t played it), but this is what I had to say on the business importance of the game.

Games have more right to be considered art than novels

“I haven’t played the game, but I hate the idea that we have to earn our place as an artistic medium. Games were played as a way of teaching, learning and exploring the world before language existed; I think we have more right to be considered art then novels, frankly.”

Big games keep getting bigger

“Anyway, without knowing much about LA Noire, I will say this about the market: the games market is changing. The big are getting bigger and it is now possible for small niche games to be very profitable. Amidst all the doom and gloom of job losses across the games industry, we also keep getting blockbuster releases that beat all previous records: Black Ops last year, Modern Warfare 2 in 2009, GTA IV before that.”

An amazing result for Take Two

“If this game is as good as you say it is, it has every chance of being a record breaker. And if so, that would be an amazing result for Take 2, which now has Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire in its stable. And that should make the shareholders happy.”

Go read the full review of LA Noire over at the Guardian now.

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