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Three of my clients make the Guardian TechMedia Invest 100

By on September 15, 2010
Guardian logo

The Guardian released its TechMedia Invest 100 list earlier this week. The list showcases the best and most interesting British technology success stories, and highlights them as companies to watch.

As the Guardian says:

“The companies below have been picked for their innovation and creativity over the past year in areas as diverse as flirting services, games and music recognition.”

Three of my clients appear on the list:

  • Huddle logo

    Huddle, an online collaboration company that is going from strength to strength was one of my first clients. Although the company is outside my core games space, I worked with them to bring MMO-style thinking to their free offering, and the work helped me refine my thoughts on Feeding the Funnel.

  • Channelflip logo

    ChannelFlip, an Internet-native video company that makes short-form video shows like David Mitchell’s Soapbox and Beasthunters.

  • nDreams logo

    nDreams, the developer of Xi on PlayStation Home, the ARG Secret Lewis starring Lewis Hamilton and a range of other innovative games projects.

Only one of these clients is a games company, I’ve been doing a lot of work with companies which want to bring games style thinking (Acquiring, retaining, and monetising your customers, a focus on conversion rates, rewards and gameplay mechanics for encouraging certain user behaviours) to their products. It’s part of the gamification of everything. (if you’re not sure what I mean by that, go watch Jesse Schell’s DICE talk immediately. Seriously.)

Elsewhere in the list, games are seriously under-represented. Mind Candy is at #5, and other games companies mentioned include Hello Games, Cybersports and of course, nDreams.

But we need more of them. So games people, it’s time to start new, innovative games companies. Or maybe it’s time to promote the one you already run more heavily.

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