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Come to Evolve next week

By on December 3, 2010

I’m pretty excited about Evolve next week.

Not least because the CEOs of two of my favourite social games companies are keynoting:

  • Kristian Segerstrale of Playfish (although I fear he will be pushing the line that “you need brands to succeed in social”, which I don’t agree with – and nor did Kristian before the EA acquisition).
  • Neil Young of ngMoco, which was recently acquired by DeNA and mastered the art of pivoting business models to get the best from the iPhone platform.

Evolve logoThere’s a bunch of start-up game studios presenting (including Simon Oliver of HandCircus, Paulina Bozek of Inensu and Sean Murray of Hello Games), plus the man behind ITV’s new social gaming foray, Corrie Nation.

It’s on 8th December in Central London. You can register here if you’re interested.

Drop me a line if you’re going and let’s grab a coffee.

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