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I think I was wrong about the iPad

By on October 7, 2010

Nic Brisbourne over at The Equity Kicker just blogged that “the iPad has had the fastest adoption rate of any consumer electronics ever”.

He said:

  • It took jut 80 days to sell 3 million iPads
  • It is currently selling 4.5 million units per quarter
  • That compares with 1 million iPhones in its first quarter and 350,000 DVDs in its first year

But more than that, I think I’m wrong because I want one.

I was looking at my RSS feeds the other day. It’s unsatisfying on a computer (too uncomfortable, too many other things you could be doing). It’s unsatisfying on my phone (too small).

I thought to myself “What I really need is a touch screen device that is easy to use, can show me all of these feeds and that’s bigger than my phone. If only someone made such a thing”

OK, so I haven’t bought an iPad yet. (My anti-Apple stance will take longer to crack, plus there’s that £469 price tag).

But for about the first time ever, I think I might buy an Apple product.

And if Apple can convert me, I reckon they can convert anyone.

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