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Rehires at RealTime Worlds mark good news for a change

By on August 20, 2010

I may have been hasty in adding the entire staff of RealTime Worlds to the Job Loss Tracker.

GamaSutra and report three bits of good news:

  • RealTime Worlds has recruited back 23 of the 60 staff who worked on Project MyWorld. Those 60 were laid off from RealTime Worlds last week.
  • The company has retained 53 staff in the UK
  • The company has retained 14 in the US.

I had previously tracked a total of 302 job losses at RealTime Worlds: 60 from Project MyWorld, 200 in the UK and 42 in the US.

The current actual figures are 37 for Project MyWorld, 147 in the UK and 28 in the UK, a total of 212.

I’ll update the Job Loss Tracker. Note that I do not expect anyone to save APB, which means that the 67 staff still employed by RealTimeWorlds for APB are likely to be benefiting from a stay of execution, not a reprieve.

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