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Mary Meeker’s Internet trends – it’s all about mobile, time to fill your boots

By on June 30, 2010

Mary Meeker has made a career out of peddling new media hyperbole.

During the dot com boom, Mary Meeker was the Morgan Stanley analyst who got a reputation as the ultimate Internet cheerleader. She was endlessly optimistic (to be fair, so were a lot of Internet analysts, and since I was at Deutsche Bank as an equity research analyst cheerleading for quoted stocks like Freeserve, maybe I shouldn’t throw stones.)

I’ll leave that to Broadstuff which describes Mary Meeker as “the very model of the carefully considered forecaster, a paragon of predictive parsimony, a doyenne of discriminating, dispassionate data-driven delivery, an angel of ambivalent analysis”. </irony>

The key point, however, is that Ms Meeker expects the mobile opportunity to eclipse the Internet opportunity. This is clearly a major change, and will have enormous opportunity for many startups.

However, I believe that we have to get past the current App mentality into an era of open mobile Internet standards before the true opportunity emerges.

The slides are embedded below.

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