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€210 million a year from a free game? Ankama’s Dofus rakes in the revenue

By on April 21, 2010

CORRECTION: Boy, was this figure out. Further research suggests that the company’s revenue is nearer €30-40 million. You can see my revised estimate for Dofus revenues here.

* * *

Eurogamer reports from the Ankama Convention in Paris that the company has 3.5 million subscribers each paying €5 a month. That implies revenue of €210 million.

After the news that Jagex is making £38 million in revenue and £18 million in profit, who can still say that free-to-play games are not good business?

(Note: I haven’t confirmed these figures and they are about 4x the previous estimate I had seen for Ankama’s revenues. I will keep searching to get confirmation of this number.)

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