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Namco Bandai restructures, cuts 10% of its workforce

By on February 2, 2010

In a long corporate press release, Namco Bandai has today announced a restructuring plan that will see the loss of 630 jobs.

Called the “BANDAI NAMCO Group Restart Plan” (and yes, they did reverse the names of the companies in the name of the plan), the restructuring is has two aims for the company.

  • Transforming into a speedy Group
  • Improving its profitability and strengthening its financial standing

In particular, Namco Bandai will merge its games unit and its visual and music unit to create a single division focused on the production of content. The release acknowledges the challenges of breaking out of a silo mentality, and recognises the importance of adapting rapidly to changing market conditions.

Underneath the almost-impenetrable marketing speak, it looks as if Namco Bandai is responding to changing market conditions. I wonder if we’ll see more publishers to doing the same.

Added to the Job Loss Tracker.

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