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Playfish’s clever web -> mobile links

By on January 11, 2010

I was just looking at Playfish’s website to see which games they offer on Android. (Sucks that I chose to do this on the web rather than in Android Market because the interface is so much better.)

Who Has the Biggest Brain? is available and this is how they told to me download it:

Playfish's purchase screen for Who's Got the Biggest Brain

If you have an Android (and a barcode reader installed), aim it at the QR code and it will go to the search page for Who’s Got the Biggest Brain?

Which is only one click away from purchase.

It’s not a brilliant user experience yet (you have to have that barcode reader), and is far from rivalling Amazon’s OneClick functionality on the web.

But it is a massive improvement on searching through the market, especially for apps with very long names.

Try it for yourself.

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