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How to work more efficiently with colleagues, clients and suppliers

By on November 23, 2009

Disclosure: Huddle is a client of mine and I love what they do, so I wanted to share it with you. I think their service – making it easy to collaborate online – is incredibly valuable to games developers. But this is part recommendation/part advertisement. So if that puts you off, I’d skip this article.

Huddle Collaboration

The difficulties of sharing documents, ideas and discussions amongst colleagues and external partners is not new. Solutions range from email, conference calls to project management tools like Basecamp.

Huddle is my favourite solution (and not just mine, they have just been named Internet Product of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards). It’s easy to use, free to trial and makes tracking documents, conversations and discussions a breeze. I’m a particular fan of the version management feature, which allow you to rollback to previous documents or see who messed it up.

So if you’re interested in free collaboration tools from Huddle (and I do recommend them) you can sign up here for the trial over at their website.

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