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Five rounds of redundancies that slipped under the radar

By on November 26, 2009

I’m catching up on a number of layoffs or redundancies that I missed or failed to post earlier in the year.

Eidos closes Eidos Hungary (formerly Mithis Studios)

August 2009 – The developer of BattleStations Midway was closed in August, if the Google Translate version of this blog post is to be believed. That represents 55 job losses. These are likely to be part of the restructuring of Square Enix following that acquisitions of Taito and Eidos that have seen global headcount fall by 10%.

Six To Start restructure and parts ways with some team members

October 2009 – Six To Start, the ARG developer set up by former MindCandy duo Adrian and Dan Hon, has restructured and reduced the number of people in its team.

The company is perhaps best known for We Tell Stories for Penguin.

John Romero’s Slipgate IronWorks makes layoffs

October 2009 – Slipgate Ironworks, founded by John Romero and now owned by Gazillion has made 50 staff redundant, according to Kotaku.Romero is continuing report on his original MMO which is still to be formerly announced.

Idol Minds loses 25 staff following Sony budget cuts

October 2009 – Idol Minds, the developer of successful PSN game Pain, has laid off half its staff, an estimated 25 people, as a result of Sony budget cuts, according to GamaSutra.

Gamebryo maker Emergent restructures, cuts jobs

October 2009 – Emergent Game Technologies, the company behind Gamebryo, has restructured and made an unknown number of staff redundant, The company is shirfting focus from technical development to developer and publishing partnerships.

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