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Huddle is only UK start-up to launch on LinkedIn’s new application platform

By on October 29, 2008

Huddle logoSlightly off-topic, but Huddle is one of my clients. They make collaboration software that is easily available on the web, allowing people to share documents, tasks, workflow and more across multiple sites. The basic service is free, with a variety of personal or company-wide upgrade options.

It’s part of the move towards cloud-computing, and is seeing real traction, particularly given its inbuilt security and the version management control it offers. Think of it as a collaboration software crossed with social networking conventions and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what it does.

So the launch of Huddle on LinkedIn’s new platform is a huge coup for the company. One of only 8 apps, alongside behemoths like Amazon and Google, and the only European. This should give them access to LinkedIn‘s 30 million users, and also demonstrate one of the key strengths of Huddle: you can access your workspaces and documents from wherever: through the corporate Intranet, through on the web or through partner sites such as LinkedIn.

If you haven’t seen it already, I would check it out (particularly for those of you managing projects across multiple time zones). And if you speak to the sales guys at any point, say that I sent you. 🙂

Note: Huddle is not designed to replace the sophisticated project management tools used in the games industry – it is for broader collaboration across all disciplines. For example, a key sector is digital media agencies, where assets need to be shared, approved and amended rapidly and globally.

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