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Just look at how fast the iPAD installed base is growing

By on May 30, 2012
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Mary Meeker has released her annual review of Internet trends. I am still digesting it, but this chart leaped out at me. It shows how fast iPad penetration is ramping up compared to the speed of penetration for iPods and iPhones.

I am no Apple fanboy, but boy are they executing well on this one.


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  • Sik

    I want to post with my Twitter account here and it kept throwing me errors (the one time I did it I had to use Firefox). It worked just fine when I tried it with AltDevBlogADay though, which also uses Disqus.

    So I’m stuck as a guest :/

  • “Any ideas why the iPad is growing that quickly in comparison to the other devices?”Here are several factors I can think of: 
    1. It’s a great product that was also created out of thin air, so it does not come as replacement of another device
    2. Unlike smartphones, competitors haven’t been offering a compelling enough product
    3. As you suggested the iPad is riding on the success of the iPhone

    1 & 2 kinda boil down to the iPad having very little competition, direct or undirect. 

  •  The chart is labelled “quarters after launch”. It shows the installed
    base for each product by quarter since the launch date. So the right
    hand side shows the installed base 8 quarters (i.e. 2 years) after

    Not sure what you meant by “can’t post as a non-guest”. You should be able to post as a guest, or log in via Disqus, Twitter, Facebook, etc

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  • Sik

    Any ideas why the iPad is growing that quickly in comparison to the other devices?

    Also, a what point in time does the timeline for each device start in the chart? If it compares the launches of the first model of each device, it kind of makes sense, since the iPod had a relatively weak Apple branding when it was launched, while the iPad literally is riding on the strong Apple branding generated by the iPhone.

    I think it’d be better if the chart was made a bit clearer.

    PS: apparently this is the only site with Disqus where I can’t post as a non-guest :S