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I’ve finished Tiny Tower!

By on January 18, 2012
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After six months of pretty continuous playing, I am pleased to say that I’ve finished Tiny Tower.

I’ve got 146 floors. I have 268 bitizens in their dream jobs. It costs me 3..2m coins and takes about 3 days to build a new floor, but when I try, I get this message:



I know that there is an update that will add new floors but, you know what, I think I’ve had enough. I’ve played Tiny Tower for six months. It was one of my favourite games of 2011. I spent £2.99 on IAP.

It’s been fun. I look forward to finding new free-to-play games on iOS in 2012.

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  • kivvilicious

    Congrats! Guess they have added more flrs since then Cuz i’m at 185 and still not finished the game. 2 more achievements left 5 more missions. According to tiny tower wiki list of flrs I’m missing 1 floor of each color (food, service, rec & creative), 2 of retail & 4 residential. ..

  • Annetta Jensen

    I have 175 floors (14 empty) cause no businesses left as it seems the game is over. I didn’t spend a cent – only the cost of the app. Loved playing it. Have only 3 dream jobs to fill amd most that I have are a “9”. Just trying to get one mechanic and two for the tv studio- then I will be finished – no where to go! Loved it!!!!

  •  I found that trick too. It’s quite time consuming though. That, I think, is the secret: some people would rather spend time, others would rather spend money

  • Rachelm776

    I am at floor 158 but have 2 more retail to go, all of my people are in their favourite jobs and 99% are 9 in favourite jobs. I’ve found at this point if you spend a bux on a new resident you can put them in their favourite job earn 2 bux and evict them again straight away. So you get the cost 1 bux and an extra bux easy money maker!!
    Looking at everyone’s posts I’m starting to think I’ve been a bit anal about this game lol

  • I gave up on #TinyTower on floor 50.

    Congratulations on making it all the way to the end!

  • I know exactly.
    £2.99 in the early stages to get a better lift.

  • Nicholas, how much do you imagine you spent to get there?  I know some folks who play absolutely for free, so I was just wondering.

  • Matt F

    Congratulations! It’s one of my favourites, but I’ve updated the app and therefore I suspect I will never complete it and will never be able to kick the addiction.