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I think I was wrong about the iPad

By on October 7, 2010
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Nic Brisbourne over at The Equity Kicker just blogged that “the iPad has had the fastest adoption rate of any consumer electronics ever”.

He said:

  • It took jut 80 days to sell 3 million iPads
  • It is currently selling 4.5 million units per quarter
  • That compares with 1 million iPhones in its first quarter and 350,000 DVDs in its first year

But more than that, I think I’m wrong because I want one.

I was looking at my RSS feeds the other day. It’s unsatisfying on a computer (too uncomfortable, too many other things you could be doing). It’s unsatisfying on my phone (too small).

I thought to myself “What I really need is a touch screen device that is easy to use, can show me all of these feeds and that’s bigger than my phone. If only someone made such a thing”

OK, so I haven’t bought an iPad yet. (My anti-Apple stance will take longer to crack, plus there’s that £469 price tag).

But for about the first time ever, I think I might buy an Apple product.

And if Apple can convert me, I reckon they can convert anyone.

About Nicholas Lovell

Nicholas is the founder of Gamesbrief, a blog dedicated to the business of games. It aims to be informative, authoritative and above all helpful to developers grappling with business strategy. He is the author of a growing list of books about making money in the games industry and other digital media, including How to Publish a Game and Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games, and Penguin-published title The Curve:
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  • jSchriev

    In my opinion the Dell streak is a much better option than the iPad. Its bigger than a phone, but not as bulky as the iPad and it has Android, which I think is currently THE best mobile OS in existance.

  • Roberto

    I’m on the same boat as you, I initialy though about the iPad as something overrated that I don’t need, but my father bought one, and now I look at my non-gaming laptop and I think, would I miss it if i sold it and bought an iPad?

    Gaming on the iPad seems strange to me yet, it doesn’t have the controller size of the iPhone, but i sure does have a lot of potential. More than my Mac at least (I have a PC for gaming).

    Maybe nexte year, when we get a new one with hopefully facetime, I might cave in.

    Oh, and since we are on the portable gaming subject, don´t you think that the iPhone would be much better for gaming if it had a touch sensitive back (to act as shoulder buttons)?

    And what do you think are the possibilities of a MMO working on a iPhone or iPad??

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, as much as I dislike Jobs and some of the things Apple has done over recent years, I’m pretty happy about being secluded into ‘Apples World’. As both a PC and Mac user I can appreciate both platforms (I use Boot Camp a lot!), but come home time when I want to do ‘my stuff’ (stuff other than play games, just the usual emails, web surfing, playing a few games etc), you can’t beat the plain old loveliness of using Apple products.

    I have a 24” iMac and a 13″ MacBook Pro … yet even still I could definitely see the benefit of using an iPad to save me powering either other machine up. I tend to get home late, switch on my Mac and 3 hours later drag myself off to bed LOL … so I can see how an iPad might help me get to bed earlier!!!

    The ONLY 2 things that are stopping me from purchasing are 1. The price (the recession has hit me hard!) and 2. I’m waiting for V2 … hopefully with camera, SD Slot, slimmer and lighter and ideally a bit cheaper!!!

  • Jeff

    if you do get an ipad, newsrack is quite a good rss reader

  • It’s a fair point. But the games industry comes all shapes and sizes, and iPad is part of that, irrespective of its limitations.

  • David

    Why not try instead an alternative?
    I still fail to see why even consider an iPad, I mean, your thoughts make sense but why not check for an alternative ( ), besides the advantage of most of them being better at performance/price, you won’t get secluded into “Apple’s world”
    And hey, you’ll have usb ports available on most alternatives 🙂

  • Your getting a reputation for good insight into the MMO space and you would buy a device that deliberatly won’t support OpenGL, Flash? Never mind the T&A censorship.

  • Patrick

    If you can take a look at the Epic Citadel tech demo running on the iPad (using the Unreal engine). It’s jaw-droppingly pretty and a great indication of how competitive iPad is becoming as a gaming platform.