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The curse of Wolfenstein: staff axed at Raven Software and Endrant Studios

By on August 27, 2009
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What a nice way to celebrate the launch of your new game: fire dozens of the staff who worked on it.

Internal Activision studio Raven Software has laid off 30-35 staff, according to The studio have just completed X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Wolfenstein, and some sources blame poor sales of Wolfenstein for forcing Raven to shift from being a three-game studio to being a two-game studio.

Meanwhile, Endrant Studios, the UK-based studio that worked on the multiplayer portions of Wolfenstein, has also made redundancies. The team was formed last year and Woflenstein was their first project. Endrant employed 17 staff, and it’s unclear how many were affected by the redundancies.

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    The game flopped because of the multiplayer portion. Endrant failed big time. Wolfenstein fans waited 9 years for a game that could top RTCW's multiplayer and so far no game has. Wolfenstein 2009's multiplayer felt like playing one of the first FPS games ever where the graphics are choppy, you have the general sense of shooting a weapon but its just not feeling like a game that was released after 1990.

    The multiplayer also doesn't have anything in common with the single player game. They slapped the wolfenstein name on a POS game and completely destroyed the fan base.