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San Francisco Masterclass: Early Bird discount ends soon!

By on February 3, 2015

The GAMESbrief Business Masterclass returns to San Francisco on Sunday, March 1st – the weekend before GDC 2015. This full-day class is one of the most popular and highly-recommended courses in the industry; dozens of the most successful companies in games have held GAMESbrief Masterclasses in-house for their staff, and this is your chance to get the same insights, knowledge and benefits.

Places for the class are strictly limited, and it’s well over half-full already – but the Early Bird discount code, which gets you 30% off a ticket, is still available until this Friday, February 6th. To access the discount, just enter the code BARTLECOLLECTOR at the checkout; but be quick, as it won’t work after this week!

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So what happens at a GAMESbrief Masterclass? These course are taught to small classes and focus around participation and group exercises, not just lectures or slideshows. They provide an in-depth understanding of the economic and psychological underpinnings of the F2P business model and how to build it into game design in ways that is effective, respectful of the player and most of all, fun. In open discussion sessions and in small groups, you’ll get an opportunity to put your new knowledge to work immediately; designing miniature games and solving real problems to ensure that your understanding of F2P is deep and practical, not just theoretical.

We run regular public classes twice a year – before GDC in San Francisco, and before the Develop conference in Brighton, UK – so if you’re interested in attending a class, don’t hesitate to book before the places fill up!

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