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Introducing GAMESbrief’s 100% money-back guarantee

By on May 27, 2016

Since we started running F2P Game Design Masterclasses several years ago, GAMESbrief has become the world’s most trusted training resource for companies seeking success in F2P. Over many dozens of classes and many hundreds of attendees, we’ve helped many of the industry’s top companies to get up to speed on the F2P business; that’s why so many successful developers, publishers and media companies are repeat customers, regularly sending their new staff to GAMESbrief Masterclasses for training.

For newcomers to the Masterclass, though, we know you might not be sure that it’s worth your time and money. Each time we announce a public Masterclass, we receive communication from a lot of you along a common theme – many of you just aren’t sure that the Masterclass is what you need. You need training in the F2P business and F2P game design, either for yourself or for your staff – but you’re worried this isn’t the right training for you.

We want you to experience the Masterclass, and to become one of those companies that sends new staff to us for training on a regular basis. That’s why, as of now, we’re offering a 100% money back guarantee on Masterclass tickets for new attendees. If you attend the class and are unsatisfied with it in any way, just drop us an email letting us know what the problem was (so we can try to fix it for future classes), and we promise to refund your tickets immediately – no arguments, no debate, just your money back (and a valuable data point for us as we continue to improve).

So there you go; no risk. We know the Masterclass is great, because attendees all over the world have told us so – and then voted with their wallets by sending more and more of their staff to our classes. We’re confident that a GAMESbrief Masterclass will give your business what it needs to tackle the challenges of F2P, and now we’re putting that confidence to the test.

Keep an eye on GAMESbrief for details of our next Masterclass!

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