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Why you shouldn’t be surprised that only 2.2 per cent of F2P players spend money

By on April 29, 2014

I was recently interviewed by Eurogamer about Swrve’s revelation that only 2.2 per cent of F2P gamers spend any money. I had thought it was going to be a piece with lots of contributors, but I guess I said enough for Eurogamer to give me a post all of my own.


The comments (210 of them at last count) are surprisingly interesting. Once you strip the handful of “I hate F2P just because” comments, that are useful insights into what a vocal minority of gamers dislike about free-to-play games.

And on more personal note, I have been surprised at the vitriol aimed at my use of the word “freeloaders”. It seems that gamers are just as negative about being called freeloaders (even though I am clear that companies should love their freeloaders) as they are about being called whales.

You can read the full article at Eurogamer.

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