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18 days until the Business Masterclass in San Francisco

By on February 25, 2014
CC image by Leonardo Pallotta

The Gamesbrief business masterclass is coming to San Francisco in just 18 days. Don’t miss out on this chance to get a tutorial from Nicholas Lovell. It will change the way you think about free-to-play games; from the psychology of virtual goods to the structure of a game’s business model.

There have been over 40 masterclasses carried out in 10 countries. Over 500 delegates have participated, from companies ranging from major publishers to indie devs. You can experience it for yourself in just 18 days, and UK developers get 50% off with skillset funding

March 16th, 10am-6pm
San Francisco Impact Hub

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Gamesbrief is a blog about the business of games. We look behind the headlines to tell you not just what is happening to games, but why it matters to your business.