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I got a new PC, and thanks to Savy Gamer

By on August 2, 2013

I recently needed a new PC. My Alienware was of a 2005 vintage, pre-dated my kids and could barely run modern games. Even indie ones.

It was time for an upgrade.

When I was choosing an iPad, I had two choices. 3G or not 3G. Some memory or lots of memory. That’s it. Buying a gaming PC, wow, that’s tough.

I basically decided that I wasn’t prepared to invest the several weeks needed to brush up on 8 years of PC gaming technology advances, figure out the specs needed for money games, consider all the permutations of processor, ram, solid state or hard disk storage, graphics cards and so on that you need to choose in order to buy a new PC.

I was all set to just look at an Alienware page and click randomly on the screen and buy whatever happened to be under my cursor. But while venting my frustration on Twitter, Lewie Proctor of SavyGamer came to my rescue. I told him what I needed, he kept an eye out on the Dell outlet store and although I missed a couple of good deals through being stuck in meetings with clients, I got a sub-£1,000 gaming rig that has made me happy.

I reckon Lewie could make a decent service of that proposition. I would happily have paid £50 to have the confidence that I wasn’t overspending, underspeccing or being fleeced by branding. Lewie wouldn’t take any money, but said that I could tell anyone who asked that SavyGamer had helped me save money on my PC.

Well, you didn’t ask, but I’m telling you. Thank you to Lewie for helping with my purchase. You can check out his other recommendations for cheap games at

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