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The age of interaction: the rule of 1/9/90 doesn’t work any more

By on May 8, 2012

Do you remember the rule of 1/9/90? It was a rule of thumb for web designers: 1% create, 9% comment and 90% consum. If your business depended on the 1%, you were typically in trouble.

New research from the BBC suggests that interactivity has broken through apathy and thanks to new technologies that make participation easier than ever before, the rule of 1/9/90 may be outdated.

According to their research covering 7,500 people, 77% of people are now active participants in sharing, commenting and creating on the web. Of the 23% who remain passive, nearly half are digitally literate: they are early adopters who choose to consume, not participate.

Of the 77% who are active, 17% are intense creators, 44% are comfortable initiating “easy” participations (uploading photos, starting discussions) and 16% are reactive.

So 1/9/90 can be updated to 20/60/20. I wonder if this should start influencing how we make games?


About Nicholas Lovell

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