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is Facebook over as a gaming platform

By on April 20, 2012

This week, and Wooga became the second and third largest gaming companies, as measure by MAUs, behind Zynga. Electronic Arts has dropped to fourth, despite its acquisitions of Playfish and Popcap.

The Wall Street Journal Europe wrote a great piece on this story, and quote me (very kindly calling me the CEO of “the acclaimed GAMESbrief”). Here is what I said:

“”The Facebook battle has been won by Zynga, Mobile is the battleground of the future.”

“No one is saying, ‘Guys if we don’t have a Facebook strategy we are dead.’ They are saying ‘if we don’t have a mobile strategy we are dead.'”

“It is not to say that Facebook is not a viable platform for making real revenues and profits. But it is that the race to build a must-have, 10-times return, gaming business on a new and exciting platform, well if you were writing the business plan for that game business, Facebook might not even appear in it.”

Read the full story on A Race to Challenge Zynga’s Social-Gaming Dominance over on the WSJ, and let me know if you agree.

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