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nDreams is hiring a digital product manager

By on February 1, 2012

Earlier this week, I put up a blog post about the role of product manager in the new world of free-to-play games.

nDreams logo

One of the companies where I am a director and have an equity stake (nDreams) is looking for a a “digital product manager”. I’ve reprinted the full job spec here, because it is a great illustration of what a digital product manager needs to do.

If you think that you might be right for this role, please apply at


nDreams is looking for a digital product manager with a core understanding of what defines an online user experience. Someone who can forge strong community ties, who has already proved their business worth whether it be in online gaming or social media. The ideal candidate must have a strong passion for games and gaming in general and be able to analyse our marketing data, research reports, market trends, statistics and help deliver commercially successful quality products to our growing community. This role sits on the intersection between business, technology and user experience, and we’re looking for someone experienced in at least one, passionate about all three, and able to comfortably talk about them all.

You will need to champion our new products, everything from a cute virtual item to a vast community hub or a service-based multiplayer action adventure whilst tailoring them to the target market. You should have the following skills:

– Demonstrable use of analytics
– Knowledge of metrics-lead marketing
– Passionate about games (but games industry experience is not a pre-requisite)
– Understanding of user acquisition strategy
– Familiarity with a data driven decisions
– Comfortable presenting and arguing your case to individuals and to a team
– An understanding of ‘service-based’ gaming and working on games that evolve over time

About Nicholas Lovell

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