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Sorry about the Trojan scare

By on December 21, 2011

A number of people have been telling me that GAMESbrief has been triggering their anti-virus with a trojan alert.

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We spent several days trying to track down the issue, which we were pretty sure was a false positive with the OpenX adserver that we use at GAMESbrief. At first, we thought it was to do with iframes, but it turns out to be that I was using an old version of OpenX (I hadn’t upgraded in a couple of years) and there was a potential security weakness in it that has been fixed in the latest version.

All fixed, updated, scrubbed clean and checked. Apologies to anyone who got the warning. We think we’ve got it sorted, but do let me know if your AV gets stroppy again.

(Thanks to Jay Margalus for all his help in fixing the problem.)

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