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Find the dissenters

By on October 14, 2011

I’ve started looking really hard for people who disagree with me.

I blog a lot about games. I’m the free-to-play guy talking to console developers about how it is the future. I am convinced.

File:Catalogue of Sects.GIF

But I find that I learn, and think, and listen a lot more when I am talking to the sceptics, not the converts. They force me to challenge my own views, to become more sophisticated in my thinking, to give better advice and have better perspective.

Once you’ve formed your view of something – business, politics, game design, whatever – go look for the dissenters. One conversation with them will teach you a lot more than a hundred conversations with people who agree with you.


The image is from Wikipedia, and shows the English Dissenters who held different views on religion from the Church of England.

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