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Want to build a fast-growing games business? Target Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa

By on May 26, 2011

For the last year, people have been asking me where are the big growth opportunities in games. I’ve answered Turkey and the Middle East.

They are huge markets that have historically been of limited interest to traditional games businesses. With lower average earnings than Europe or the US, these countries struggle to support a console business which requires heavy upfront investment by consumers in technology followed by expensive game purchases.

That, and piracy of course.

My view was changed when Gameforge mentioned that 10% of their gamers were from Turkey, and it was core market for them.

Now social games company Peak Games has proven me right.

The company was formed in October 2010, They’ve just raised $5 million from Earlybird VC, bringing their total investment to $7.5m. They already have 10m MAUs and 50 staff spread across five locations.

This infographic sets out the reasons why the market looks so attractive.

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