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Sell iPhone apps? Increase your revenue by 5% in one easy step

By on November 29, 2010

if you sell iPhone games, you probably promote them, right?

Did you know that Apple encourages other people to promote them too? Through affiliate network LinkShare, Apple enables anyone to get a 5% cut of the revenue of an app sold on the AppStore.

LinkShare UK Referral Program

It’s an affiliate network, just like Amazon Associates or the myriad of other providers like Commission Junction and Tradedoubler. And it is entirely legitimate to use a Linkshare code whenever you encourage people to visit your page on iTunes. If you do so, you increase your effective share of revenue from 70% to 75%,

What’s not to like?

To sign up for LinkShare, click on the following links:

  • LinkShare US- Get Your Share!
  • LinkShare UK- Get Your Share!
  • (it’s not just for iTunes. It’s an affiliate network with hundreds of advertising partners.)

    Sign up today and start making an extra 5% from your iPhone games.

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