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Ten dos and don’ts for TV companies making games

By on August 27, 2010

I was privileged to be part of a session at the Edinburgh Television Festival about games. It’s so important that games and TV start exploiting crossover opportunities much more. Alongside Chris Deering (ex-head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), David Yarnton (Nintendo Europe), Paulina Bozek (developer of Singstar) and Sean Dromgoole (CEO of Some Research), I got to talk to telly execs about games.

I very much want to help television producers to make games, and this is my initial sighting shot on it. (Although I think television executives could really benefit from reading Whales, power-laws and the future of media).

The slides I gave at the event were very image heavy. This is the word-heavy version to be read as stand alone.

I think it’s relevant to anyone making games, albeit aimed at television tie-ins.

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