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The winning peripheral of E3? The blow up car / Wiimote mashup

By on June 18, 2010

E3 was all about peripherals.

Microsoft’s Kinect. Sony’s Move. Oh, and Nintendo’s 3DS.

E3 was all about peripherals, and 3D.

Anyway, my favourite peripheral of the show was low tech. It was a blow up car with a plastic steering wheel. You stick the Wiimote in the steering wheel and hey presto, a racing car in your living room.

I watched a dad playing it with his son (yes, I know E3 is for over 17s only, but there’s no way the kid in the picture below is a grown-up). It looked really fun, and cool.

Father and son using the Wi-car

It’s available from CTA Digital. If Alasdair were just a little bit older, I think he’d really like one.

Would I buy one? Depends on the price, and how much Alasdair wanted it. But I think it’s pretty cool.

What do you think?

(Oh, and a note to the marketing department: if you’d let me embed that fancy marketing video, I would have done so and you’d have got a bunch more exposure. Social media marketing rule #1: let people share.)

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