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Speaking at the Immersion Conference next week

By on May 20, 2010

I’m just about to kick off a busy season of speaking at a wide variety of very different conferences.

My first one is on Monday 24th May (i.e. next Monday). I’m speaking at the Immersion Conferencefocused on monetisation, funding and distribution of games and immersive social media; the future of MMOs, games, social media, virtual worlds, serious games, augmented reality, virtual goods, micropayments  & billing, geospatial apps and search, Facebook apps, iphone apps .. and much more!”

That’s quite a lot of focus.

I’m on two panels:

Future Business and Funding Round Table with luminaries including Peter Bazalgette (formerly creative head honcho at Endemol and at least partially responsible for Big Brother), Peter Edwards of PlayStation Home and ELSPA’s Michael Rawlinson


Top Funding Opportunities – What they are and how to get them with Modwenna Rees-Hogg of Angel News and Paul Dowling, Dreakstake

GAMESbrief readers can get a ticket for £254.15 – a 15% discount and with a free invitation to the evening party (worth £29)  – by quoting promo code MASH15.

Hope to see you there.

Full line-up of speakers:

  • Peter Bazalgette, NewBaz
  • Ian Livingstone, Square Enix
  • Adam Singer, BSAC
  • Peter Edward, Sony
  • Matthew Jeffery, EA
  • Mike Rawlinson, ELSPA
  • Nicholas Lovell, GAMESBrief
  • Simon Nelson, BBC Vision
  • Jonathan Davis, UK Film Council
  • Toby Beresford, Nudge Social Media
  • James Bamford, Bing
  • Oisin Lunny, Sulake (Habbo)
  • Ben Keen, Screen Digest
  • Richard Bartle, Essex University
  • Gina Fegan, South East Media Network
  • Kim Bayley, Entertainment Retailers Assoc
  • Tony Pearce, Player X
  • Rob Edmonds, SRI
  • Justin Bovington, Rivers Run Red
  • Ron Edwards, Ambient Performance
  • Dave Taylor, Imperial College
  • Mike Dicks, Bleedin Edge
  • David Burden, Daden Ltd
  • Ian Hughes, Feeding Edge
  • Jeremiah Alexander, Ideonic
  • Michael Schumann, Second Interest
  • Modwenna Rees-Mogg, Angel News
  • Mirko Caspar, Metaversum (Twinity)

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