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Gamesbrief’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-09

By on February 9, 2010
  • Surprised to see Average Selling Price of an XBLA game up by 10% last year to $9.12 #
  • Just posted: Last 7 hours to bring a colleague to my self-publishing Masterclass #
  • Just posted: Ngmoco: “If we can’t make a game free to play, we’re going to kill it” #
  • @PaulFish I'm there from Wed lunch -> end Thurs. 11 or 12 on Thurs is good – if you follow, I can DM my email address #
  • Just posted: Redundancy round-up #
  • I love German bluntness. From the Casual Connect site: This is winter guys! Bring a winter coat, gloves and a hat if you are bald #
  • Newspapers get 20% ad rev share, 8% audience share; Internet gets 29% audience share, 8% ad share. <- oh dear, newspapers #
  • Really need to update the Job Loss Tracker. Looking at over over 1,000 jobs gone already this year. 🙁 #
  • RT @Michael_French: Take-Two will ditch 20% of its global workforce, says our source #
  • #brokensword @charlescecil @davegibbons90 + original cast/B Pheloung will be at the Apple Store tomorrow #
  • Just posted: The perils of a global audience #
  • RT @jen_bolton: RT @CCPGames: RIP Goonswarm: [?!] #
  • @SuperRewards I'd be really interested in meeting; a number of my clients are considering Rewards. in reply to SuperRewards #
  • Bigpoint investors won't sell until its worth "one billion dollars!", says BusinessWeek #
  • Just posted: How to Self-Publish, a masterclass by Nicholas Lovell #
  • Good analysis about how traditional console brands are making more money than indie games on iPhone from @beamadelica #
  • Just hit 500 posts on Gamesbrief since it was launched in a little over a year. That's more than 1 a day! #
  • @codemonkey_uk Damn, you've spotted that. It's been on my to do list ofr over a month now 🙁 in reply to codemonkey_uk #
  • Just posted: Namco Bandai restructures, cuts 10% of its workforce #
  • Wow, the @gibiz piece on Namco Bandai's restructuring is a regurgitation of inpenetrable management guff #
  • Going to be at Casual Connect in Hamburg next week (on a panel on Thursday). Anyone going and want to meet up? #
  • Is there a casual connect hastag yet? #cc10? #

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