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Gamesbrief’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-11

By on December 11, 2009
  • Just posted: Every moment of every day, 2 million Chinese people are playing games #
  • Haven't seen the dead tree version, but the Guardian is games-tastic today. Brooker, Kermode & Alderman #
  • [email protected]gibiz You don't include my favourite games of the year: Farmville, Bejewelled Blitz, even The Fellowship. Surely you've been to Facebook? #
  • More FB scams?: Earn Farmville cash by writing to Congress to oppose US Health reform (via @meluzine @pheydon) #
  • Just posted: Royalty statements, digital downloads and the evilness of publishers #
  • Although I note that I'm very keen on many of the big PC games this year, and a PS3 slim, and Professor Layton. But they're all so expensive #
  • Watching the MCV crowd tweeting, you'd think they were hoping that PRs might send them stuff for free if they complain about the price #
  • RT @patrickol: Ahoy! Pirate Galleon Apartment 1.1 out today! Better game andyou can see how you compare with the best players in the world #
  • Just posted: Developers: Stop trying to sell levels. The public don’t want them. #
  • When social media marketing trumps common sense (via @tferriss) #
  • RT @rauper: Eurogamer listed as one of the Guardian's "essential 100 websites" – <- congrats #
  • Just posted: Why brands are not just embracing video games – they’re funding them #
  • Have you played Farmville? If not, give up on the idea of launching a social game. #
  • Worried about someone stealing your business idea? Read this: (from Venturebeat) #
  • follow Mark Simpkins #
  • RT @tim: Blimey. Game Group (shares down 20% today) say that Nintendo console sales are down 45% YTD, the most of any games hardware #
  • RT @nachimir: @nicholaslovell re. Malcolm Gladwell: Very funny, via @EdStern #
  • RT @gamesbrief Why ‘Outliers’ pisses me off #

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