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Gamesbrief’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-11-27

By on November 27, 2009
  • Just posted: Why I was tempted to discriminate against women #
  • 19,713 unique visitors in the last 30 days. Need to write something controversial tonight to edge over 20,000 for November 🙂 #
  • Just posted: Five rounds of redundancies that slipped under the radar #
  • Just posted: Beautiful Games Studios sees headcount slashed #
  • Just been asked by Italian WIred for my Playfish piece. I love residuals. #
  • Games industry "splintered btwn big players and small, independent shops. Everyone in the middle is getting crushed." #
  • RT @matlock: WARNING! Your productivity is about to decrease to 0 (forgot how hardcore Yars Revenge was) #
  • BAFTA "Games Networking" Event this Friday. Some free tickets for "anyone who already works in games, or would like to" #
  • I always enjoy dinner with interesting companies and potential clients #
  • Just posted: Streamline Studios streamlined #
  • Just posted: Murdoch’s plans to cut off Google will increase his revenue #
  • Just posted: Updating the technology #
  • Hoping that any of my followers at the Interactive Entertainment Summit today will tweet using hashtag #ies #
  • I love Apple: "Warning: smoking can cause harm to MacBooks". (Not an accurate quote) #

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