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Gamesbrief’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-11-20

By on November 20, 2009
  • Just posted: Modern Warfare is the largest media launch ever, beating books, movies and other games #
  • Just posted: Death of the PlayStation: Why Sony’s “evolving” televisions spell the end of the console #
  • Facebook bans Tattoo Media/Gambit for scam offers. Good news for #socialgames but a warning of FB's power #
  • Latest piece on social gaming coming of age now live on as well 🙂 #
  • Calling it now. Zynga will IPO in March 2010. No evidence at all. Just gut feel. #
  • Just posted: Social gaming comes of age: Social gaming companies trouser half a billion dollars in just one week #
  • @tom_watson I was hoping that you meant Gamesbrief, not Mind Candy 🙂 in reply to tom_watson #
  • Just posted: Australian’s largest studio, Krome, lays off staff #
  • It was working, but then I broke it. #
  • Damn, the Moshi Monsters/MInd Candy/Michael Smith article is actually at #
  • Just posted: The tipping point: How Moshi Monsters hit exponential growth and has topped 6 million users #
  • Gamesbrief is at 18.5k uniques for the last 30 days. Hope to get to 20k in November 🙂 #
  • Press release from Gamersfirst "is answering the call for gamers searching to fill a recent void in their FPS catalog". Er #mw2 #fail #
  • List of the biggest launches in video game history from Venturebeat. Interesting. #
  • @jonnyminkley Sorry for being mean in that last tweet – but I only just crunched the numbers and am proud of them #
  • Shame @jonnyminkley's Telegraph quote was so off 😮 MW2 actually sold for about £10 *less* than GTAIV. See #

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