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Gamesbrief’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-11-06

By on November 6, 2009
  • To get the best sense of "fiero", you need to find a massive adversity <- hard to reconcile with mass-market games #developnorth #
  • Fiero is the academic word for "triumph over adversity" #developnorth #
  • Decision and pleasure centres are most closely linked part of brain: We're wired up to feel rewarded for good decisions #developnorth #
  • Biochemically fear and excitement are identical. The amygdala chooses whether you experience it as terrifying or exhilarating #developnorth #
  • Amygdala, hippocampus (isn't that a horse in a field) and a hypothalamus #
  • visual cortex, check; cerebellum, check; orbito-frontal cortex – eek what's that. #developnorth #
  • Listening to the "neurobiology of play" at #developnorth. Hope I understand it. #
  • In Korea, 25% of Universal's digital biz is an offer that lets blog owners choose 10 tracks their visitors can listen to #developnorth #
  • In Asia, gifting is v important: some music sites show one price to download for yourself and a higher price to give it to someone #
  • Music industry talking about what games can learn from freemium (like Spotify), then admitted games thought of it first #developnorth #
  • No games is top 10 on all three of iPhone, Android, Blackberry. Only Bejewelled is on 2 (iphone and blackberryy) #
  • Any questions for CEOs of devs behind Backbreaker (iphone), TrialsHD (XBLA), Darwinia (Steam/360) etc #developnorth? Tweet me #
  • Will chair a panel at #developnorth this afternoon with top bods from NaturalMotion, Introversion, RedLynx and PlayReplay #
  • Blackberry prices points are high $4.77 (but lowest price allowed is $2.99) #developnorth #
  • Blackberry still has a higher share of the smartphone market than Apple, and 80% of new buyers are consumers #developnorth #
  • Android runs the risk of fragmenting in the same way that Jave/Brew games did #
  • Android games average price is $2.67, but avg price of Top 10 $3.42, suggesting Android users will buy expensive games #
  • Average Android user has downloaded 40 apps, and on average Android owners download one app a week #developnorth #
  • Android makret as 12,000 apps and $5 m of app revenues per month #developnorth #
  • @K_0 Thanks for the retweet – glad you liked the post #
  • @samhouston It's just that GamerDNA was the hook that enabled me to blog about those thoughts in reply to samhouston #
  • @samhouston Sorry you didn't like the article – would be happy to discuss further in the comments in reply to samhouston #

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