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Gamesbrief’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-10-23

By on October 23, 2009
  • Apologies for the duplicate. Got 2 rival plugins vying for Tweeting rights from WordPress #
  • Just posted: Is Photo Sauce a new direction for Atari? #
  • RT @patrickol: We’ve self-funded it, and it is the first of many exciting projects in Home growing rapidly in complexity and scale #ndreams #
  • RT @patrickol: View the exclusive Pirate Galleon trailer: #ndreams #
  • Kudos to Jason Mauricio of Arete for calling Nintendo a Short before the pack did #
  • Pay-what you-like sale generated $100k in a week for 2DBoy for a 12m old (but well-known & v good) game #
  • 10% of people who chose to pay 2DBoy for World of Goo had already pirated it and decided they liked it #
  • RT @JustinJ_: 'World Of Goo' Sale Offers Fascinating Results: #
  • Top 100 websites globally, including Facebook, account for less than 20% of consumer time spent web surfing #
  • Just got my copy of Cities XL. Now I just have to find time to play it. #

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