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Games Gone Wild – the #ggw tweets

By on September 10, 2009

Yesterday evening, Kemp Little and MindCandy hosted a get-together of the UK social games business. There were CEOs from companies like Playfish, eRepublik, CyberSports, Jolt Online, Playfire and Atari.

There was a good showing from VCs as well, many of whom already have investments in the sector. There is clearly something very exciting happening to games, and the UK is right in the middle of it.

On the other hand, the event was held in a basement with no Twitter access. So I wrote down all of my Tweets on the back of an old receipt, and here they are:

  • Moshi Monsters has reached 6 million users; adding 1 m each month! Congrats to @acton and team #ggw
  • TV advertising is surprisingly effective with good CPA, says Moshi CEO @acton. Use unique URL for tracking purposes #ggw
  • Bigpoint has 1 billion impressions but can’t be bothered to sell ads – too distracting #ggw
  • Bigpoint works with partners: for each user that comes from a partner, Bigpoint pays a %age of revenue *for ever* #ggw
  • Bigpoint pays Pro7 a “six-figure Euro” royalty cheque every month #ggw
  • OfferPal / TrialPay type offers risk damaging the whole industry – some offers / publishers are concerned with customer experience. Many are rape and pillage merchants (paraphrasing) #ggw
  • Online game budgets will dwarf those currently spent on console games, mainly because they are so trackable #ggw
  • Metrics. Metrics. Metrics. Good statistical analysts are the most difficult (and expensive) hires. #ggw

Congratulations to Michael Action Smith (@acton) and Andy Moseby. But please, can we have it held above ground next time.

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