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What teenagers want – a teenager’s view

By on July 14, 2009

Morgan Stanley has just published a highly-subjective note on how teenagers consumer media, written by a 15 year old summer intern.

The note is obviously one person’s opinion, and likely to be the opinion of a relatively well-off teenage, given that he has an internship at a global investment bank. It also has some issues relating to gaming (for example, it defines gaming as “buying games for console or PC” and makes no reference to the massive number of teenagers playing web games).

The report’s key themes are:

  • Teenagers will not pay for content
  • Dead tree media is dead
  • “The Wii’s dominance is due to younger brothers and sisters, they have a Wii and parents are not willing to pay for another console.”
  • Teenagers use mobile phones for texts and calls, nothing else. Most prefer a dedicated music player, for example.

The report is available from This is London. Does it chime with your experience?

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