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Top 10 subscription MMOs

By on March 24, 2009
1. World of Warcraft
2. Club Penguin
3. RuneScape
4. Eve Online
5. Final Fantasy XI
6. The Lord of the Rings Online
7. Dofus
8. Age of Conan
9. City of Heroes
10. EverQuest II
Source: Screen Digest

Screen Digest has a new report showing the top 10 subscription MMOs (according to the BBC).

World of Warcraft comes out top, no surprise there. Elsewhere:

  • RuneScape comes out third, pretty impressive for a browser-based game aimed at teenagers and sometimes derided for its lo-fi graphics
  • Eve Online has demonstrated its stickiness, despite often being thought of as highly niche
  • Dofus has sneaked up on me: 10 million users, published by the French Ankama Group, flash-based MMO. Never heard of it, better check it out.

The report expressly only covers North America and Europe, which leaves out the Asian territories which are the major markets for MMOs. I can understand why Screen Digest left them out, but it does make the report a lot less useful.

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