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Is Apple about to become the dominant mobile games publisher?

By on March 5, 2009

As the AppStore struggles under the weight of new games published every day, is the gloss coming off the iPhone? And if so, will Apple respond by becoming the gatekeeper of AppStore – in effect, the most powerful publisher in mobile gaming?

iPod touch (Source: Barnaby Willitts-King) has just published an opinion piece of mine talking about the threats to the iPhone: essentially, the risk that it fails to manage its success.

With thirty new iPhone games published every day, developers, publishers and brands falling over themselves to get product onto the iPhone and a flawed update system, the AppStore is in danger of falling over under the weight of its own achievements.

Apple needs to think about how to manage its success, and in my opinion, needs to do so with becoming the de facto gatekeeper of all iPhone products, with all the risks that entails.

You can read the full analysis at

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