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Ubisoft announces Grey’s Anatomy videogame despite canning Heroes

By on January 8, 2009

Ubisoft has announced the Grey’s Anatomy video game, due out in early 2009 on Nintendo DS, Wii and PC.

Grey's Anatomy packshot

Yet in November last year, Ubisoft announced that it had canned the Heroes videogame, with the rights reverting back to NBC Universal. Commentators speculated that Heroes declining ratings combined with poor sales of Ubi’s Lost game led to the decision.

Grey’s Anatomy is famously targeted at women which means that mainstream publisher Ubisoft is about to produce a game aimed at a 18-34 female demographic.

If they get it right, without patronising their audience or making it a male-developed game, it will be another step in making games an entertainment form that appeals to every demographic.

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