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David Lau-Kee joins Unity 3D as non-executive chairman

By on January 13, 2009

I’ve blogged about Unity in the past, with comments that it will revolutionise the industry. And I’m not alone in this thought either. Phil Harrison at Atari has been equally vocal in his support and I expect that we will see more industry luminaries banging on about it.

And I think they’ve just scored a major coup by persuading David Lau-Kee to join Unity as non-executive Chairman. For those of you who don’t know David, he was CEO of Criterion, the company behind one of the original middleware companies Renderware. He was instrumental in introducing the idea of middleware to major games companies and while EA’s acquisition of Criterion stalled the market for a while (as other publishers were reluctant to develop a game on a platform owned by EA), the concept of middleware is now firmly established.

David gets middleware, he is incredibly well-connected in the games industry and I suspect that he has some fascinating ideas for how far Unity can go. Unity rises even further up my “one to watch” list.

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