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Launch of Home for Sony Playstation

By on December 18, 2008

Ben Parfitt over at has an interesting post on the much-delayed launch of Playstation Home.

He describes it as “one of biggest potential casual gaming platforms ever released” but then goes on to point out the pitfalls of trying to launch a socialising environment in a hardcore service such as the PlayStation 3, and the challenges of getting people to communicate when most don’t have access to a keyboard. (He suggests that most people seem to be spending their time “dancing” at each other, which seems likely to have limited long-term appeal.)

Perhaps inevitably, Microsoft has criticised PlayStation Home, saying it “it feels like 2005 tech in 2008”.

But as Ben Parfitt at concludes, Sony has confounded people’s expectations on several occasions before and it is unwise to bet against them. If they can take an innovative approach to entertainment and gaming in Home, Sony might yet have a winner on their hands.

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