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Fabulous conference hosted by Osborne Clark and Avista Partners

By on December 5, 2008

I have just attended one of the most august conferences I have ever seen. Hosted by Paul Gardner of Osborne Clarke and Paul Heydon of Avista Partners, the Interactive Entertainment Conference hosted a wealth of games industry talent for an afternoon of panels and networking.

In traditional publishing, we had the CEOs of Atari, Codemasters and Eidos, senior figures from Take Two, Sony, NC Soft, and senior developers from Kuju, Remedy and others.

In the online space, we had the CEOs of social networking starts like Playfish, Three Rings, Sulake, CCP and a host of other leading players in the field.

And VCs were well represented, with firms like DN Capital, DFJ Esprit, Wellington and Fidelity Ventures attending.

It was a closed industry event so there won’t be any direct quotes in the blog, but I took a bunch of notes on themes and thoughts for the future and will be pulling them together in a future blog post.

The best quote, however, was third-hand: one of the lawyers present quoted an ebullient retail figure on the state of the economy who put it succinctly: “Christmas is coming, hooray. Then we’re all going to fall of a f***ing cliff.”

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