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The F2P Toolbox

How to Publish a Game

With 200 pages jam-packed with examples, illustrations and how-to guides, How To Publish A Game is a practical and logical guide that’s essential reading for anyone who wants to make money from videogames.

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Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games

Free-to-play is the most exciting thing to happen to the games business for decades. Each week brings new success stories, as creators around the world unleash the potential of free-to-play.

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The Funnel and The Pyramid

A striking large-format poster that sums up the Funnel and the Pyramid in a clear, direct way. Put this poster over your desk or on your office wall – it’ll remind you of the key to success every time you glance at it, putting you back on track and helping you to run a better business and make better games.

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GAMESbrief Business Masterclasses are full-day sessions with small groups of developers, creators and businesspeople. They aim to give you an in-depth understanding of the principles of modern business models for games and to teach you how to apply those principles to your own games.

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Nicholas Lovell is one of the most in-demand consultants in the games business, with a client list that includes some of the industry’s biggest publishers and developers as well as media companies and promising start-ups.

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GAMESbrief Surgeries are 1 or 2-hour private sessions with GAMESbrief founder, author and leading industry consultant Nicholas Lovell. This is your chance to sit down with one of the world’s leading experts on the games business and seek his insights into any problems or challenges you’re having with your game and your business.

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