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GAMESbrief Business Masterclasses are full-day sessions with small groups of developers, creators and businesspeople. They aim to give you an in-depth understanding of the principles of modern business models for games and to teach you how to apply those principles to your own games. The sessions include hands-on, practical group work exercises so you come away with real, practical experience, not just a head full of theory.

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The next Masterclass will be in London on 7th July, before Develop conference.  

If you’re representing a large company and would be interested in holding an internal Masterclass where Nicholas will teach these techniques to up to 25 of your staff, please get in touch with us directly. Our ratecard pricing for these exclusive Masterclasses starts from £5000 / $7500 + VAT.

Nicholas has run these Masterclass sessions over a dozen times for hundreds of game creators and games business professionals. Many of those sessions are private Masterclasses hosted for leading publishers and developers around the world. However, GAMESbrief also regularly arranges Masterclass sessions at major industry conferences which you can sign up for as an individual or with a colleague. As well as being incredibly useful for your business, these are also great networking opportunities since you’ll be learning in small teams with your industry peers.