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Angry Birds are Go! A great start for Rovio’s first AB F2P foray

By on December 12, 2013
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I’ve been watching the launch of Angry Birds Go! closely, not least because I have been consulting on it since early this year.

The initial results are promising: #2 on the top free chart and #20 on the Top Grossing on the first day of release.


And it is marvellous to get a credit like this on your CV:


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  • David R

    We’ll done. Good game.

    Just slightly puzzled by the energy mechanic. IMO it seems a bit shoe horned in and unnessary in a game like this.

    I bet you’d make more money if it was ripped out.

  • Daniel Mesonero Kromand

    I tapped on the button believing I could buy the karts with my non-premium currency and then of course freaked out when the purchase box and password popped up. Not exactly a pleasant experience.

  • Kpants

    I’m guessing they’ll claim it’s to do with displaying localised pricing…but it’s clearly not.

  • I don’t know. I’ll ask.

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  • Aristeia

    Why are kart prices not listed on the karts, and completely unknowable until you are ready to commit to an IAP?