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The new trailer for Stronghold Kingdoms

By on February 23, 2011
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I’ve been working on Stronghold Kingdoms for over two years. It went into open beta late last year. Firefly has now opened a second world and released a new trailer of the game that takes a PC classic (Stronghold) and turns it into an MMO.


I’m proud to have worked on this game, so I’m sharing the trailer with you.

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  • Nicole Rossetti le Strange

    I ranked up to Earl a couple of days ago!

    SHK is basically pretty cool but I loathe that the Glory system has turned friends and allies against each other, and transformed what was previously a relatively peaceful medieval sim, into a war game which rewards the most aggressive and testosterone-filled bullies, and punishes those who wish to co-operate peacefully.

    I am by no means alone in this view. :-/

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